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Conway’s Game of Life is a classic. Invented by John Horton Conway about 1970, the ”zero player game” is a wonderful example of emergent behavior. Although each cell follows the same simple rules, wonderful patterns emerge. As time went on, the Game was shown to be Turing Complete, meaning any program could be represented as an initial state to Conway’s Game of Life given a large enough grid. That’s incredible !

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To assist you in observing Complex Emergent Life-Forms, please visit our Companion WebSite, which lists Still Lifes and Oscillators in order of naturally occuring frequency; so you can have an idea of how rare ( complex ) the objects you observe emerging really are.

Game Modes

In all of these simulations clicking, swiping, and clicking/dragging will add life to the simulation. In all the pages with a single simulation, pressing z will pause and play the simulation. These simulations are best observed in Full Screen Mode [F11]; go to Full Screen Mode [F11] BEFORE navigating to a simulation ( you will then have MaxScreenSpace ).

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